Dr Ron Linden on HBOT DFU Research Fraud Presenting at the BHA 2018

Dr Ron Linden on HBOT DFU Research Fraud Presenting at the BHA 2018

December 03, 2018

Why is the NHS not funding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments for Diabetic foot ulcers when it has apparent positive results?

Get ready for the most well respected whistle blower of the DFU (Diabetic Foot Ulcer) study scandal to tell you why.

HBOT is a treatment in which a patient breathes 100% oxygen whilst inside a chamber at a pressure higher than sea level pressure. It is the new application of an old technology to help resolve certain medical problems. When a patient is given 100% oxygen under pressure, haemoglobin is saturated, but the blood can be hyper-oxygenated by dissolving oxygen into the plasma which gets to the tissues in greater concentrations.

It can be helpful particularly for anyone who is suffering from a wound that is slow to heal. Diabetic ulcers are prime examples of such wounds. They are graded in terms of their severity, which is usually related to the length of time the ulcer has existed. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can be useful for all grades of ulcer, by speeding healing and preventing the ulcer from deteriorating. This helps decrease the risk of unnecessary surgery or amputation. It also reduces long term costs such as the use of expensive dressings, and frees up hospital beds and staff.

Click here now to watch Dr Ron Linden’s presentation.

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