Each treatment costs £100.00 per session.

A treatment course can be from 5 to 40 sessions and this programme will be monitored by the hyperbaric doctor.
Private or NHS or Self Funding
The only BUPA and Private Health Insurance recognised chambers in the UK are London Diving Chamber and Midlands Diving Chamber.
For a medical issue that needs HBOT you will need to call your insurer to get them to agree to fund. The chamber will then sort the payments out with the insurer. NHS After your NHS GP or Consultant has referred you to a chamber, and the chamber doctor has agreed that HBOT will help, the chamber will apply to your local PCT for funding. It can take a long time for the PCT to agree to fund the treatment. Once they have agreed to fund, treatment will start.
Self Funding
This can be the quickest way to initiate treatment if you do not have Health Insurance. Most chambers will make a funding plan to help you start treatment as soon as possible.