5 Benefits of HBOT in Treating Sports Injury

5 Benefits of HBOT in Treating Sports Injury

April 12, 2019

1. Reduces swelling

Oxygen that is breathed in a hyperbaric (under pressure) environment enhances your white blood cell count that fights bacteria and swelling caused by injury.

2. Facilities soft tissue healing

Angiogenesis (blood vessel regeneration) helps to create the best environment for the body’s natural healing process to repair damages.

3. HBOT can cut recovery time by 70%

Undergoing a course of HBOT alongside physiotherapy has proven results to get you back to fitness in 70% less time*. 

4. Hyperbaric plasma load

Hyperbaric oxygen causes 100% oxygen to diffuse into the plasma and be stored there.  The viscosity of the oxygen loaded plasma means that it can pass restrictions caused by swelling and injury, and perfuse further into tissues.

5. Enhances performance by increasing your red blood cell count

Much like training at altitude HBOT causes the body to increase production of red blood cells, breathing oxygen in a hyperbaric environment has the same effect and increases oxygen carrying capabilities. This can decrease symptoms of fatigue and encourage energy levels to be maintained during training periods.

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